5 things to do only productive people do



  • Start Now. Constantly thinking about something will not going to change anything. It won’t take you far from the place you’re now. But, your actions will definitely. When you will start acting, your thoughts will be more clear and realistic. It’ll let you take better decisions.
  • Start writing. When you’re writing, it means you got the habit of reading. Writing cultivates discipline. It allows you to develop the disciplined thinking, perseverance and commitment to continue the process of writing.
  • Develop a habit of observation. Notice things around you. Its full of motivation, inspiration, ideas, examples, mistakes, styles, changes, experiences and knowledge. When you pay attention to it, you can apply them in your life for own benefits.
  • Build a habit of asking a question, “How’ll it matter in X years?”Whatever you do, you intend to get best results. You want to be benefited from it. So, ask yourself how’ll it matter in 5 months/ an year/ 5 years/ a decade? It’ll help you to understand the need of it and the benefits it can generate. It’ll allow you to deal any situation effectively. It cultivates calmness and allow you to think with a cool mind.
  • Exercise Try working out every morning, even if its a small workout. It cultivates discipline. Some days I do workout for 30–45 minutes and some days just 5 minutes. But, it makes me feel refreshed and focused. And, due to relaxed and focused mind, it allows to take better decisions.
  • Smile, quite often. Earlier I wasn’t a big fan of smiling. Now, I try to develop it as a habit. You know smiling can make you healthier. It helps to reduce stress and produce happy hormones in the body. It keeps your blood pressure normal and you stay calm even in chaotic situations. Apart from it, it makes you likable person in the group.

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