A Quick and Easy Success Formula For Self Improvement Awareness + Insight + Self-Responsibility=Powerful Performance

A Quick and Easy Success Formula For Self Improvement

Awareness + Insight + Self-Responsibility=Powerful Performance

Awareness + Insight + Self-Responsibility=Powerful Performance

This success formula has been used for many years by my clients; hopefully, you’ll find it useful too.

Step 1 of the Success Formula: Awareness

Have you ever driven down the road, and realized you don’t remember actually driving the last five minutes? It can be a frightening experience, to realize that you have been on autopilot and have no conscious recognition of time and events.

Many people live their whole lives like this: walking through life in an unconscious state, blind to their impact in the world and tuned out from how much better it might be.

At some point in your life you may wake up and think — this just isn’t working. It might be life in general, or only one specific area — e.g. health, relationships, productivity, finances. You’ll have a question something like — “How on earth did I manage to find myself here?”

With this type of question, you have awakened yourself to a need to change … if you are going to live your potential and a fulfilled life … and you have just taken the first step in the Success Formula.

Awareness also includes identifying the traits, characteristics, habits, attitudes that block your success. Who do you know that is floating through life generally unaware that their arrogance, or their timidity, is holding their success at bay. Awareness is the first step in liberating yourself from the unintended and generally negative impact of those traits, but …

Step 2 of the Success Formula: Insight

Awareness isn’t enough though. You also need self-reflection and insight, so you can make deliberate choices about how you want to direct your life.

At this stage, you are on a quest. You are gathering information about yourself, your life — answering questions like

  • “Why do I think like that?”
  • “Are these beliefs still valid?”
  • “Could there be a better/different way?”

During the insight/awareness stage, you’ll be devouring books, seminars, self-assessments, courses etc.

You are about to take step two in the success formula … you are about to commence the Hero’s Journey — a notion popularized by Joseph Campbell (he is a remarkable thought leader from the mid 20th century).

A hero’s journey is one of self-discovery.

Much like some of the characters from your favorite myths and fables, movies, books, religious stories … Frodo from the Lord of the Rings, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, William Wallace from Braveheart, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Edmund Hillary, Jessica Watson.

Each of these characters real, and fictional, began a journey, sometimes deliberately, sometimes by chance, but eventually, through all that they experienced they came to know themselves much more fully.

Their journey becomes a journey of self-discovery, because of the adventures, trials and tribulations they experience along the way.

A Hero’s Journey rarely seems to be without adventure, risk, and challenges … it simply never seems to be a walk in the park. Yet, as the Hero progresses through his, or her, journey and faces and overcomes challenges, a tremendous sense of who they are, and an inner peace arises. A degree of self-approval and joy seems to result, and always they inspire many people along the way … often unwittingly.

Whilst, generally, you won’t be facing any physical dangers on your high performance leadership hero’s journey, certainly you may take some emotional and mental risks. You have the opportunity to look quite deeply and who you are, and the impact you have on your world.

Make no mistake being a high-performance leader will take you on a journey … as much as Frodo and the rest … you will stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. But, if you take the time to reflect on how you are showing up, and how you could do things in a better way, you will step into your potential.

With self-discovery you now move to self-responsibility …

Step 3 of the Success Formula: Self-Responsibility

Whilst Awareness + Insight are terrific if you do nothing with them, then nothing changes. So now is the all important stage of Self-Responsibility … one the most empowering gifts you can give yourself.

Your journey, to be of real value, requires your commitment, energy, time and desire to do things differently — to apply your insights and learning — to be open to looking at things with fresh eyes, heart and thinking.

Knowledge, without application, is simply information. To truly integrate the knowledge you are gathering, apply what you learn. This ensures that your time is well spent. Make the decision to apply what you learn within 24 hours, otherwise it will simply be a terrific idea that goes begging.

As you apply what you learn, people will respond to your changed energy, and as you bring out the best in yourself, so too you will bring out the best in others.

As you progress you may come to the same wonderful realization, that many people on the personal growth journey experience, which is … as you change the way you behave and feel, so too will the people, and the circumstances, that surround you change.

A client recently commented: “Now I realize that all this sh.t in my life is created by me, it makes it very hard to hide from myself.” With self-responsibility you can no longer hide from yourself, using blame and excuses.

What to take home

“The Success Formula = Powerful Performance than information”

It is small and sometimes, seemingly insignificant, actions are taken each day, which propels an individual to breakthrough to stardom, or the pinnacle of success in their life and/or chosen career. These small breakthrough steps are contained within the three separate, yet integrated, stages shown in our success formula.

Life is too short to not have a purpose.

I write about my life experiments: what works, what doesn’t on a daily basis; so, you don’t need to make the same mistakes I did.

You can use this cheatsheet which I personally use Here, it took a good amount of time and effort to create, through practical experiments in my life.

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