About Me

I am a Senior at the University of Michigan with a focus on Computer Science, Business and Entrepreneurship.

There was always something I wanted to provide, create, innovate, disrupt throughout my life. This led me to build and designing creative ventures; learning almost everything I can get my hands on, I was very resourceful and scrappy: allowing myself to be productive with the little resources students often have access to.

Over time I dived into software development: building my own businesses in the realms of technology-powered design. However, I always found something was missing: it was either too technical or focusing too much on the business component of it or even ignoring the customer: who is the ultimate judge of the product.

This led me to find a passion for the intersection of these three focuses: Product Management. Having worked at several companies and made an impact with some amazing projects, I can confidently say that I have toned and enhanced my skills and way of thinking. I read every day on new frameworks of business which can be integrated into the process, along with keeping up with technology and getting my hands dirty by directly analyzing data and programming: this allows me to have a strong technical judgment.

When it comes to Product Design: making a versatile product portfolio about my ideas on Dribbble, Behance was a great way to get my ideas out there.
From here, my entrepreneurial drive drew me into Venture capital. Venture capital is more connected to Product than I ever imagined. It involved looking into a business, the product and overall strategy in a really logical and data-driven way, which was actually a crucial part in my past experiences.

I believe that gives me the drive I  need to truly contribute to the mission of building products and services which in turn provide value for the customer in specific.