How taking a Vacation helped me 10x by eliminating my anxiety

Anxiety of trying to do it all has taken over my sense of control of my life.

Opportunities everywhere…

Endless movement and hustling…

Meeting deadlines and making sure the work is on par with MY standards of Quality before anyone else.

More projects done with continuous learning, integration and implementation, has made me strong taking failure as a friend and learning as a journey of life.

But it has taken its effect on me both mentally and physically.

It was time to take a break of all this,

That was when I decided to travel to Northern India, and explore the various cultures and traditions , visiting the comparing the customs of these amazing traditions opened my to a whole new perspective.

So far visited MOST of the landmarks of Delhi, Agra, Simla , now in my fourth day of this 10 day vacation heading out to kulu manali. Hope to learn and explore so much more.

The meaning of all this is just my personal observation of travel which I was not comfortable with by having the common work notation of “unproductive”.

I now learned it it wrong and so much can be explored and experienced. Traveling is sure a worthwhile “opportunity”, when considering the BUSY generation.

Hope to keep you guys updated on my whole experience soon,

Take care and Thank You for reading!