How to answer the Product Design Question in a PM Interview

Product Solution Brainstorming Process

  • The second phase of product development is Solution brainstorming. Here the pain points are analyzed critically and prioritized based on solutions found. The factors that one uses for prioritization include:

Technological complexity

Impact to the end-user

Ease of implementation / Time

  • It is also important for the product manager to seek the perspective of his/her team. For example, when thinking about a design-related task, it would make sense to consult the lead UX designer on the team for specific questions. This will allow the product manager to make informed decisions, while also improving their credibility with their team.
  • It is also important to note that the team varies between companies in terms of how it is segmented. An engineering-focused team might reside closer to a more technology focussed enterprise product, hence it is important to take note of the context of the solution as well.
  • Product backlog development is very important as it allows the team to have a set of specific tasks arranged by the priority. The project should be managed systematically based on this product backlog.
  • The stakeholders of the product should be kept in close detail about the progress/challenges/updates of the project. Typically this will be the product manager lead/ Chief Product Officer or even the CEO depending on the company
  • After the above factors are weighted, one will be able to strictly prioritize what features are:

Must have

Good to have

If time permits — jobs to do

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