Product Mind

I have always been fascinated by the field of product. The primary reason behind this is because it’s more of an accumulation of various domains like business, strategy, customer obsession, design, and marketing. You never get bored with the same mundane task. This is what helps the field drive such demand for superior talent.
Like with all high demand roles, there is extreme competition. That too, with candidates with diverse and experienced backgrounds. It makes it difficult to stand out amongst the crowd – especially for a newly minted grad or an early career professional.
Furthermore, there is a whole ocean of information available, while there is a limited structure on how one should prioritize, organize, and scope out their interview preparation. Furthermore, contacting PMs from organizations is a hefty task as they are being bombarded with feature requests and issues from various departments – they hardly have time on their end.
With all these pain points in mind, I decided to organize all the information that I came across during my PM journey from a student at the University of Michigan to a current PM at Microsoft.
I was able to organize this information with a clear priority and structured it so that it can help the reader counter confusing interview questions that are often asked during these interviews. I was also able to interview several Senior PM leaders and carved out their precious advice so that it will aid the readers on their own unique journey.
Overall, the goal of this book is not to create an all-one-guide or a guaranteed resource to help you land a PM job, but more of a reference/manual full of techniques, experiences, and advice to aid you on your PM journey.