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University of Michigan

-Computer Science, Major
-Business Minor
-Entrepreneur Minor


Harvard University
Extension, Strategic Management


Jawaharalal Nehru University
India, Computer Science and Mathematics Major


UX Design 90%
Web Design 87%
Video Creation 86%
Algorithms and Data structures 86%
Data Analysis 90%
Python 90%
R 85%
Creative Writing 90%
Public Speaking 90%
Leadership 90%
Photography 83%
Design Thinking 90%
Product Design 91%
Social Media Marketing 83%
Marketing Campaign Creation 84%
Creative Content Creation 83%
Adobe Suite Others 83%
Design 89%
Business Strategy 97%
Html & CSS 85%

My Professional Expertise and Experience:

Rakesh Naga Chinta is an Entrepreneur, SDE GSOC Intern at Google, Strategic Business Analyst, Author of several best-selling books.

A Harvard Alumni, with a burning passion for problem-solving and Entrepreneurship.
Currently working as product management and design, where his skills are tested and sharpened every single day.
CEO and founder of several companies such as RILAD, Hubstrike, Internetout, Techcodebit, Appscalar, Midscore, Appendscore, etc.

When time and money are no subjects, it’s easy to direct winning marketing campaigns, manage successful projects and coordinate filled-to-capacity events. I’ve done all three, but under tight budgets and deadline pressure, for employers as diverse as the Fortune 500, nonprofit sector and under the Indian Government.
I can do the same for you.
Most recently, I was an analyst and project manager for a consulting firm serving the Indian Government. I recently relocated to the Mumbai, to begin my research on par Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, all this being in my sophomore year. I am pursuing a 3-month internship on Data science and Business Strategist solutions at UBER, Mumbai, where I can leverage my skills in both analytical research and creative project and organizational management.

I’ve always been enthusiastic and intrigued by the vastness of what we can accomplish and the rapid growth and advancement of the technologies in the field of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The Mozilla community has recognized me as an official student partner, recently I worked as a data science and business strategist intern at UBER, where we developed a navigation algorithm resulting in 43% output.


I am currently the district student chairperson for Rotaract International, within my leadership, we have successfully accomplished more than 2 Guinness World Records, 20 leadership counsels, 100 political trans versions, 2 TEDX events, 50 charity events organized in a week to week basis with a mean population of 700+ per event. Lions club international has requested me to represent them in my district, I kindly declined the offer since of my present position and was offered a position on the National Advisory Board. I was nominated as a representative of my state for “The National Society of Leadership and Success” as a nominee and results are yet to be announced. I am the Head for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in my university and have held many other prestigious positions, More details about my current and previous positions are explained clearly in my Resume. I was fortunate to work as an intern for the GOVT. OF INDIA. twice during my fresher year and during my sophomore year.
I have researched under IIT Bombay under DR.Phatak in the research field in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I also have several successful startups which I have scaled in the years of my entrepreneurial side journey. Currently, I am working as an Artificial Intelligence and Neurological Researcher for detecting epilepsy seizures within the incubation period, which will strive to save lives, Under Dr.Sukant Khurana(MIT Ph.D.) at Central Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research. My Organization Helping hands is a part of Rotaract International and holds principles with the united nations children’s education fund(UNICEF), it follows the activities in relation with UNICEF and most of our activities land in regard with the mentorship of Mr.Rohit Jain of UNICEF. We won awards related to the green revolution “SWATCH BHARAT MISSION” where greenery plantation and societal cleanliness is promoted by the Government of India in association with Rotaract International.
I have set my priorities and for this summer that entrepreneurial innovation and technological development. My entrepreneurial Journey: I would continue my entrepreneurial and technological revolutionary start up implementation and integration, cause it’s who I am, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing than revolutionizing the way we live our everyday lives, I have this deep inner conscience which guides me in every decision of my entrepreneurial journey, I have successfully started 6 brands and companies which I intend to leverage on a large-scale basis, I am currently being mentored with professor street of Stanford University, for my future plans and career advancement, So, I intend to continue with my entrepreneurial side under mobile and appliance tech-resource innovation and development under the mentorship of the well-experienced experts and mentors where I can help grow the company exponentially.

My Career Highlights Include:
• Ability to research, analyze and communicate highly technical and complex information.
• Creation and implementation of Organizational endeavors, marketing strategies, and special projects/events, widely praised for increasing the market share, maximizing sales/profits and enhancing customer satisfaction.
• Recognition by senior management for slashing operational costs by using technologies to increase the efficiency by 20%.
• Award-winning public speaking/sales presentation skills, with demonstrated the ease of networking with the governmental staff, political organizations, University representatives and Fortune 500 executives of management.
I also have several successful startups which I have scaled in the years of my entrepreneurial side journey.



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