My Journey

Success is not a destination, Success is a journey


  • greeting stores where we sold custom made greetings
  • collected and sold rare trading collectables and stamps
  • stamp collection
  • sticker collection ( limited edition )
  • Running my own gambling team/club on Runescape ( MMORPG )
  • Investing, flipping commodities and rare items on Runescape’s stock market
  • Saving and investing money which I won through academic accolades
  • Trying to understand how real estate law works, signatures, etc
  • Collection of morals, life principles and life optimization

Middle/High School:

  • Several ios apps on the app store on being inspired from dad’s iphone 2g. ( inspired from prakash’s ios app releases, referred from my daily reading habit of The Hindu)
  • IAS Blog and records where I shared my thoughts and ideas about IAS, tips and strategies
  • This was one of the first web applications which I got published with the help of a professor and teacher. The was extremely passionate about this endeavor.
  • Taking on these leadership positions which allowed me to influence and share ( Head-boy )
  • Met with a friend called Meher Chowdary, we co-founded a 4000+ member startup called “Helping Hands Group”
  • Helping Hands Group
    • Recruited more than 4000 students over 12 different universities and colleges
    • Helped leverage voluntary donations of more than 17,000,000 rupees to orphanages and schools located in remote villages with the help of government of India
    • Created a membership program, certification program for sets of participants spanning over 6 campaigns
    • Collaborated with the Government of Andhra Pradhesh, MLA’s and MP’s located near the regions of East Godavari to establish and prioritize campaigns and to grow public relations

High School ( 11, 12 ) & Engineering First Year:

Several Instagram accounts/pages with topics concerning viral content, promoted content, fashion, and motivation life quotes and lessons ( morals )

Hubstrike, Techcodebit, Swentho, instagram pages, motivational pages, reflective success

Brands: Instagram pages on life, success and motivation:

Life optimization:

I was always obsessed with the idea of perfecting life to be the best version of yourself as possible.This led me to create strict timetables where I used to sort each and every hour of my time, so that I increase the overall effiiciency and productivity of my life.

I thought, perhaps why not create a few instagtam pages where I leverage these ideas and share them to the world.

This gave rise to a few series of motivational instagram pages where I share content related to life lessons given by well known rulers/models of history.

Eventually, as my priorities shifted to writing and on seeing rapid flooding of non-quality content on instagram from competitors ( oversaturated market ), I decided to sell the pages to a few contacts from my business endeavors.

These 4 companies were started by Rakesh during his 12th grade. Fueled by his vision and mission to bring change and influence through his work, he leveraged online communities of instagram and accounted viral trends and to create a viral platform for engagement. Content creators were the main target publishers.

Currently viral pages, due to its advances in core competencies has changed and evolved into several subsidiaries within the Nag Group such as Spinviral, nag media, nag design, nag productions, filmio productions and code design x.

Currently motivational pages, due to the change in needs of diversification and rebranding for a long-term competitive advantage in trademark, has been diversified as success birth, mentor expo, reflective success/enigma and several other ideas and pages ( instagram, blogs, content marketing )

Even though they are no more, their mission, value and ethics are still being carried on.

I have met some great friends and partners in business to this day.

I made a lot of mistakes, learned from each and every one of them.

But, this dream will live on and continue to prevail, since this is not just a destination but an epic journey, a story which will be told for generations to come.