The Nag Show

The NAG Show features interviews, thoughts, and perspectives of senior leaders, influencers and professionals within the topics of business, entrepreneurship, and life in general
What you get: Increase your personal brand – reaching a large community of students/early professionals.
About ‘The NAG Show’:

Join Rakesh as he interviews people from various domains of expertise. He dives in with deep informal conversations about their unique experiences, tactics, strategies implemented, learnings from failures, and optimized systems and processes that eventually made them who they are.
Topics primarily deal with tech, venture, startups & entrepreneurship, product, and everyday life.
About ‘Rakesh’:

A recent graduate from the University of Michigan focused on Computer Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship. Currently, he is working as a PM at Microsoft.Incoming Grad Student with a focus on CS: ML, Quant at Harvard University.
He previously worked with various firms in a mix of product, strategy, and software engineering roles: Google, Uber, SpaceX, Facebook, Single store.
He also loves to spend his time looking at new venture investments, closely working with VC firms like Soma Capital, Heartland VC, Unshackled VC, etc.
He spends his time experimenting with various product ideas within the realms of the venture.