The one who mastered his time, has mastered his life

“The one who mastered his time, has mastered his life.”

If I had to pick the single most important aspect of building self discipline it would be learning how to manage your time effectively and efficiently. Productivity and time management are critical to success in more ways than we ever realize. Most people have a reasonable understanding of time management. As the problems they experience are small and repetitive rather than big emergencies, they may actually think that they have a great understanding of time management. However, what they fail to see is that those small repetitive problems add up and seriously restrict the quality of the results that they achieve. This article will help you see why understanding time management is so vital.

When you build your understanding of time management, you will find it easier to commit yourself to improving your performance and productivity.

1. Time is a Limited Resource, the most valuable one.

Time management is vital, first and foremost because there’s only a fixed number of hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month, months in a year and years in your life. While we all use the term ‘time management’ it is important to understand that you can never manage time; you can only manager your use of the time available to you.

It may seem like a small point but properly understanding time management allows you to see that when you waste time, you are wasting something that can’t be replaced. This may make little difference for many people as they put little or no thought into the way they live their life. However, for the person seeking to improve their self discipline it is absolutely unacceptable to waste time. Quite simply, if you want to make the most of your life, you must make the most of your time. Learning how to manage your time makes the most of this limited resource.

2. When You Aren’t Rushing – You will be more effective

If you want a quick way to identify somebody with poor time management, you just have to observe the pace at which they move. We tend to think that somebody who is always rushing and always appears to be busy is an effective time manager. This is the opposite of the truth. Understanding time management allows you to see that when you are organized and productive, you rarely need to rush. You know what needs to be done and you have a plan to get it done. Panic, anxiety and rushing are sign that you have lost control of your situation.

And, consistently rushing has one major side effect. How many times have you not been happy with work you’ve produced because you were working against the clock? When you are rushing, you are unable to give each task the time and attention that it deserves. This type of problem usually starts with work and then seeps out into other areas of life. If you don’t have enough time for work, then you take time from relationships or from taking care of yourself. The more you need to rush the less gets done RIGHT. When you understand time management, you work at a pace that makes sure you are able to perform at your best.

3. Time Management Cuts Stress

Your health is the greatest gift that you will ever get. If you doubt me, just ask somebody who is currently struggling with their health.

Stress can have major negative consequences for your health. If you are constantly sick or worse end up in the hospital, you will still end up less successful. Stress occurs at the point that you no longer feel that you can cope with the pressures placed upon you i.e. you no longer feel like you are in control. If you have poor time management skills, you will always be rushing and experience a diminished sense of control.

Racing against a clock is one of the more stressful things you can experience and that stress can be completely removed with good time management skills.

4. Understanding Time Management Leads to Better Decisions

Good decisions can take some time to make. If a decision is really important, you have to give each option proper consideration before you decide on the best path forward. If you fail to do so, you are dramatically increasing your chances of making a poor decision.

When you are forced to make decisions without enough time to consider all your options, there’s a pretty good chance you could miss out on opportunities that could be in your best interest. Showing self discipline in how you manage your time will help you be able to make the best decisions possible.

Understanding time management is critical if you want to break free from your old habits of laziness and lack of discipline. To many people time management is a small and petty meaningless term. Many people think their time management is of the highest standard because they are not experiencing major problems and emergencies. However, the people who are experiencing major problems and emergencies, due to poor time management skills, have an advantage over the average person. That advantage lies in the fact that it is easier for them to see that they have a problem which needs to be tackled.

The most dangerous form of poor time management is the type that goes unnoticed. Although it may not be obvious to the eye, this form of poor time management will be stealing precious time for you on a daily basis. With a little rushing and some extra hours worked, you can make up for the time lost by your poor time management. Sadly, in modern life, we have come to see this rushing and over time as the norm when it does not have to be. Understanding time management allows you make better decisions about how you use each moment of your time. You will reduce wastage, make better decisions, improve the quality of your work and build your reputation in the workplace. As you might guess, this will also result in greater happiness and a better quality of life.

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