For Once…Step out of your Limits and you will never be the same

Desperation can make people access the part of them that is suppressed for most of us. Life is full of comforts that distance us from our evolutionary past.

Monty Halls is known for undertaking some insane challenges and going on some incredible adventures. He lives outside of his comfort zone. His adventurous experiences, and as a Royal Marine, reveal a savage side of the human condition that is embedded in everyone’s DNA. Halls believes people are the most fearsome predators on earth — people just don’t let themselves tap into that side of themselves. People often get derailed on the path to success because they are afraid to fail.

“Success is fulfilling your potential. There’s always a reason not to do something, not to finish a race. You’ll never dislike yourself for failing, but, on your deathbed, you’ll hate yourself for not trying things. Having not tried this will haunt you.” Monty also points out the value in confronting fears and discovering unknowns. “I think it’s healthy to slay dragons.”

As with all risks in life, there must be a measure of self-monitoring to save you from yourself, or in Monty’s words, “The bravest thing you can do is say no to a challenge outside of your experience level.”

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